SJ’s award-winning app now also in English

By on February 16, 2017

SJ app won the Swedish Design Award in 2016 and it was the voice of the people that decided the winner. In particular, user friendliness and simplicity appreciated by SJ travelers. To increase accessibility further SJ released an English version of the popular app.

– Many customers have contacted us and asked for an English version and it feels good to be able to meet that need. Our hope is that it will make life a little easier for even more of our travelers, says Jenny Gejke, head of SJ’s digital channels.

In the English version, you can, just as in the Swedish, book and pay for your tickets, accessing your SJ Prio card, the member information and ticket digitally.

Also new is that the customer 24 hours before departure can follow their journey in a whole new way, including with information about what track the train goes from, how far it is to the next exchange and in which wagon the train bistro is located.