Sing along at Skansen July 7th with the extra concert The sing along scene is yours

By on August 6, 2018
Jan Danielsson, SVT

In the seventh round of Sing along at Skansen, Petter, Molly Sandén, Lena Philipsson and Bo Kaspers Orchestra, who also have the summer’s extra-concert Sing along stage are yours. In the audience is Anita Hegerland found, known from the 1970s with “Mitt sommarlov” that entered the Swedish top and lasted for eleven weeks.

This year, 20 years ago, Petter released his debut album “Mitt sjätte sinne”. There have been a number of discs, lectures and books since then. Now he is on Sing along at Skansen before he goes on tour 22 August.

Molly Sandén
Molly is up to date with the new album “Större” and this summer she will tour with, among others, Zara Larsson, Sarah Klang, Julia Adams, Anna Ternheim and Icona Pop in the package Queens of Pop.

Lena Philipsson
In November last year, Lena Philipsson performed her performance of “Jag är ingen älskling” and now she is heading for a summer tour in Sweden.

Bo Kaspers Orchestra
The orchestra has played at Circus in Stockholm all spring and in the autumn they tour around the country with Allt ljus på oss. Now they are on the Sollidenscenen and take over completely with the Sing along stage is your at 21.

Sing along evenings
The sing along evenings start at 19.30 and SVT begins to broadcast directly from Sollidenscenen at 20.00. During the majority of the day, rehearsals are taking place and at the 17th, the general rehearsals begin.

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm