By on November 14, 2016

Team Shake A Whey! won the innovation competition Food Works Stockholm in 2016 with their shake made from fresh whey with reason: The winner makes you surprised at how good it is. A product that has the potential to take a new position in the market. It is based on an original crop, and create a modern product for the active human.

40 years ago, I showed up fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut, at Sweden’s first eco exhibition at Moderna Museet. Since that day, I try to live by the motto that the desired future is that we create through new forms of cooperation. It needs a sprawling group, for it is in the cracks we find new ideas. Our team is a good example of this. And our product is proof that our partnership has really worked, says Kerstin Fredlund, communicator in the team Shake a Whey!

The product that won is a shake with nutrients and energy from fresh whey and Jacoby brush wheat.

Team Shake A Whey! moving on to the Swedish final with prize ceremony at Gastronomic Forum in Nykoping on 28-29 March 2017 and has a chance to win the largest innovation competition in the food.

The team includes chef Lars Ingebrigtsen, Järna chef, processors Joakim Lindberg from Järna Dairy and Kerstin Fredlund, Hidden in Grains. All team members are based in Sodertalje.

The competition was organized by the project Food Lust, a five-year project that is working to develop a sustainable and profitable food industry in the Stockholm region and County Administrative Board in Stockholm.

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