Seluah Alsaati is debuting in the theater world

By on October 4, 2017
Matilda Rahm

In Inte din baby, Seluah Alsaati depicts the struggle to stand up for herself, her own body and the relationship that made her shrink to the size of a stamp. First performance at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern as part of the focus on documentary storytelling – Stockholm berättar.

– There is such a diversity of voices in Stockholm, and a diversity of scenic expressions to use, which we want to lift through Stockholm berättar! Our hope is to broaden the understanding of what Stockholm is and what it may mean to be stockholmers at the moment, says Dritëro Kasapi, deputy theater and performing arts director at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, and initiators to Stockholm berättar.

After the successes Stockholm love(2016) and Stockholm Lust (2017) continues Stockholm berättar with a full packed autumn repertoire, where all performances are based on authentic stories from the lives of Stockholmers: Skillnadernas Stockholm, based on a report on life in Stockholm’s 133 districts, gets its first performance October 6th (sold out the entire play period), Storydox continues at Café Klara and Seluah Alsaatis Inte din baby gets its first performance October 23 at Lava at Sergels square and then in Vällingby. The performance will also be played at youth recreation center in Västerort.

I have three demands on a man
social skills
the ability to satisfy a woman

Nabil he checks all three
smart, respond quickly to sms, did not take me too hard or against my will
I fell in love!

but I did not grow
I shrunk
to the size of a stamp

– Throughout my adult life, I have fought for women’s right to their own bodies. I have kept self-defense, written texts and made songs. Now it became a performance, says Seluah Alsaati.

She is basically a mass scholar and organizer, who at the age of 30 decided to learn to rap. Two years later she released her first song, Min kropp är min and in October she released her debut EP. Jag heter Seluah. With Inte din baby, she is debuting in the theater world.

– When I started writing on the script I realized that I was living in the middle of what I was writing about. I was in a relationship that was harmful. But it was not until the relationship ended as I dared write about it.

For the directon stands the Gottsunda profile Affe Ashkar, who directed Hålla huvudet högt and Vi känner ingen smärta at Uppsala city theater and also have a background as music and film producer, musician and project leader for festivals and projects linked to hip hop.

– The whole idea is to highlight Seluah and the story itself, she already has so much in herself so I’m just trying to give keys to lift what’s already there. It will be thunder, strong, musically honest and powerful, says Affe Ashkar.

by and with SELUAH ALSAATI
First performance October 23 at Lava
Vällingby premiere November 14th
Director: Affe Ashkar
Dramaturg: Åsa Lindholm
The performance is a collaboration between the theater and the stage art division, Lava and Vällingby.

First performance October 6th Stockholmrummet
Director: Ellen Lamm
Script: Ellen Lamm and Eric Ericsson
Scenography, costume, light: Lars Östbergh
Mask: Sara Englund
Animations, Artistic Idea: Lars Arrhenius
Animator: Karl Sandzén
Contributors on the stage: Allan Svensson, Annika Hallin, Johanna Lazcano, Zardasht Rad

Every evening at Storydox, five people get up on stage and tell crucial stories from their own lives. Each person is coached by professional storytellers and the stage event only happens once. Inspired from among other american The Moth, unique story nights are created where no story is the other equal. A mick, a human, a story.

6 November Funnet och Försvunnet – Stories of losing both others and themselves.
14 December Nära ögat – Stories where it almost went bad. Or almost went really well.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm