Secret Love On Photo opens at the East Asian Museum

By on September 24, 2018

Photographs from the Secret Love showcase return to the East Asian Museum as part of the ongoing exhibition Paper stories. The Secret Love On Photo presents works by the photographers Chi Peng, Fan Popo, Gao Brothers, Li Guangxin, Ma Liuming, Ren Hang, Shi Tou, Wang Zi, Yang Guowei and Zhang Yuan.

“Secret Love On Photo unites the photographers in the desire to create visual expressions of forbidden love and sensitive issues related to sexuality, gender identity and prevailing norms,” said Si Han, ancestor of the World Culture Museums and creator of the original version of the Secret Love exhibition and current Secret Love On Photo.

The popular Secret Love exhibition was produced by the World Culture Museums 2012 when it was shown at the East Asian Museum. Since then, the exhibition has been on tour in the world and seen by over half a million visitors. It makes Secret Love the most visited art exhibition about forbidden love, both in Sweden and in the world.

Secret Love On Photo is part of Paper Gallery, one of three parts of the Paper Stories exhibition. The exhibition Paper Stories opened earlier this year and shows through unique collections from China, Japan and Korea the paper’s history, technology and arts and crafts. Among the most exciting items is the world’s oldest paper. In Paper Gallery, contemporary art is in focus and earlier this year, works of fashion designer Bea Szenfeld, award-winning for their experimental artistic garments, were created by hand.

This version of Secret Love focuses on photo papers and is the third change in the contemporary section of Paper Stories.

In China, the same turbulence as rapid economic development has taken place in recent decades, resulting in radical societal changes. At the same time, awareness of the individual’s rights has increased. In this process, traditional approaches and values change.

Changes in legislation on homosexuality – such as decriminalization and deletion from the list of mental illnesses – are an example. The development is reflected in the visual arts, which in turn affects social processes. The art and the thinking artists help shape a new, changed reality.

Secret Love On Photo can be seen on the East Asian Museum until January 6, 2019.

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