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By on June 21, 2017

In July it is program on Solliden scene each and every other day. Mondays are about jazz, tuesday sing along for the big ones, thursday choir singing and sundays sing along for the little ones. Until there are live concerts with lovely Laleh and Per Gessle.

Jazz Mondays
A number of Mondays you can enjoy jazz on four scenes at 17-23 – Gubbhyllan porch and Solliden Terrace, Solliden scene, Galejans dance court and aftermath on the Gubbhyllan porch as ending.

Blue Monday Svante Thuresson is hosting the Solliden scene at 19-20.

July 3, Vivian Buczek and Meta Roos
July 10 Harry Allen, Peter Getz and others.
July 17 Lisa Nilsson and others.
July 24 Beppe Wolgers all in with Svante Thuresson and Carl Bagge bands
July 31, Nisse Sandström, Knut Riisnaes and Jesper Thilo

The porch jazz at Gubbhyllan is at 16.45-19 with “after jam” at 20.30-21.30.

July 3rd Ulf Andersson
July 10 Olle Nilsson Quartet
July 17, Alexander Crime
July 24, Oskar Forsberg
July 31, Birgit Lindberg & Anders Färdal

Galejan invites to dance to Skansen Big band under the leadership of Leif Kronlund at 20-23.

Sing along on Skansen – Tuesdays
Sanna Nielsen leads the sing along from Solliden scene at 20.00. Among the guests is the following, with reservations for new names and surprises in the summer.
July 4 Miriam Bryant, Per Gessle, Tina Ahlin & Orsa Spelmän, Stor & Jireel
July 11, Linnea Henriksson, Mando Diao, Emmi Christensson
July 18 Miss Li, The Boppers, Panetoz, Wiktoria
July 25 Darin, Svante Thuresson & Nisse Landgren, Tove Strength, Anna Sköld from Wizex, Sandra Estberg from Martinez, Henrik Sethsson from Casanova and Andreas Olsson from Sannex.

Körklang on Skansen – Thursdays
Simon Ljungman with house band leads the audience right in the voices three thursdays in July. Everyone who wants are allowed to join the big audience choir, who is also supported by a visiting choir on stage. Every thursday has a theme, and at each time there are notes and the possibility to practice in advance with We Are Voice app. Solliden scene at 19
July 6 Tema Rock with Ola Salo and Mölnlycke Rock Choir
July 13 Theme Musical with Örebro student singer and Peter Johansson
July 20 Theme Gospel with Vasa Gospel and La Gaylia Frazer

Children’s sing along – Sundays
Sing along leader Ayla Kabaca gets the young crowd going together with Tobbe Trollkarl, Krumelur Orchestra and Spektrum Children’s Choir. Participants also do dancers from Lasse Kühlers dance school and a guest artist. Sollidenscenen, at 14-15
July 2, Wiktoria.
July 9, Boris René
July 16 Charlie Grönvall
July 23, Anton Hagman
July 30 Dolly Style

Laleh on the summer tour
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Solliden scene July 15 at 18-21

Per Gessle on the summer tour
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Solliden scene July 27 at 18-22

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