The concert with Saxon at Gröna Lund will be re-booked

By on September 21, 2019

On Thursday, September 26, Saxon would have stepped out on Gröna Lund’s Stora Scen. However, singer Biff Byford must undergo a heart surgery and the concert will instead be re-booked until the summer of 2020. We wish Biff Byford a speedy recovery and are currently working to book a new concert for Stora Scen on Thursday 26 September.

”As everyone knows now we are going to have to reschedule some of the shows because I need an operation on my heart which should be happening next week.There is nothing more I can say really, I am just sorry for causing all the disappointment to peoples plans for coming to see us. I know people are flying from all over the World to see the shows but there is nothing I can do so please wish me luck and send me some good vibes.We have to look positive on this and I will coming back as strong as before hopefully”, says Biff Byford, singer in Saxon.

Right now we are working on finding a new date when the legendary heavy metal band can step out on Gröna Lund’s Big Scene and we will return as soon as such a date is nailed. This means that we now have a free concert date on Thursday, September 26, which we are working on filling and will return here as soon as we have a new booking to tell you about.

Music | The concert with Saxon at Gröna Lund will be re-booked