Samir & Viktor put the haters in place

By on July 16, 2017

Samir & Viktor are back and now it’s time to show a whole new side of the duo. The new single “Vi gör det ändå” is a statement against all haters of social media and all those who have not believed in the guys. With six previous singles who have all been big hits, the guys have already proven that they are here to stay. The song is about how Samir & Viktor have put up with hate and writing, but how they still struggled and kept the flag high and now higher than ever. “Vi gör det ändå” is written by the same gang behind the previous successes “Groupie”, “Saxofuckingfon” and “Fick Feeling”.

“This song is completely different from what we have done before, you do not realize how good it is!” says Samir when we ask about what he feels for the new single.

Samir & Viktor has in recent years released several singles together that have streamed nearly 110 million times on Spotify. Of course, this has been noted with a groovy plackett from Warner Music Sweden.

Listen to “Vi gör det ändå” here >>

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