Sabina Ddumba goes on Sweden Tour

By on October 25, 2017
Adrian Pehrson

In just a few years, Sabina Ddumba has secured her place as one of Sweden’s brightest brilliant musical stars. This summer, festival visitors to Popaganda, Way Out West and the Bråvalla Festival got to experience her on stage and now get even more the chance. She goes on Sweden tour in the spring and take part in some of the country’s premier concert halls and concert venues, including the Circus in Stockholm and Gothenburg Concert Hall.

In October 2016, Sabina Ddumba released her critically acclaimed debut album Homeward Bound, which includes platinum-selling singles “Effortless” and “Not Too Young” with whom she was awarded a Grammis and P3 Gold Prize for the Newcomer of the Year last year. In recent years, she has worked with most international songwriters and is now signed to Warner Bros in the United States.

In the fall she is seen in this year’s edition of Så Mycket Bättre.

Tour Dates:
15 Feb Kalmarsalen, Kalmar
17 Feb Concert & Congress, Uppsala
18 Feb Gävle Concert House, Gävle
23 Feb Magazine, Falun
24 Feb Tonhallen, Sundsvall
2 March Malmö Live, Malmö
3 March Vara Concert House, Vara
4 March Gothenburg Concert House
6 March Idun, Umeå
7 March Circus, Stockholm
9 March De Geer Hallen, Norrköping
10 March Culture House Spira, Jönköping
17 March Örebro Concert House, Örebro
18 March Concert & Congress, Linköping
24 Mars Västerås Concert House, Västerås
25 Mars Växjö Concert House, Växjö

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment