Runsten Equestrian supports the Friends Foundation!

By on June 11, 2018

2018 is the year in which Runsten Equestrian, together with the Runsten Equestrians Association, has invested heavily in our youth. Through two subsidized training halls and further training on our amazing grass lanes in spring, we now take the step further for our young people. Through the choice of supporting the Friends Foundation, we want to create a safe and positive environment where our future rider promises are going well and are feeling well!

That the climate can be tough in the stable sometimes, many people can sign, but because of the long-term effort we have on the Runsten youth and that we now choose to support the Friends Foundation, we hope to change this!

Runsten also focuses on promoting talent where we currently have 12 profile riders attached to us. Runsten also shares scholarships each year to a youth with good results at national or elite level, well demonstrated ability to improve their horse material but also important that this has good horse-keeping and companionship as well as a good model for other young riders! Something we see goes hand in hand with the Friends Foundation work.

The Friends Foundation works every day for a world free from bullying and discrimination and stands for values that go hand in hand with the values that we represent at Runsten. We see the importance of riders of all ages being good role models and working together for a warm climate in the equestrian sport.

In conjunction with Runsten Equestrian Games, we will support the Friends Foundation on 14-17 June, and on Friday 15 June at 8.00 we will arrange a breakfast lecture together with the Friends Foundation. To register for this event email or call Lisa Malmsten +46 707 583 065.

Help us help Friends by “GE EN TIA” where you can swisha 10 kr to 900 5273 and indicate RUNSTEN.

Hope to see you!

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Haninge