Royal Armoury christening gift to Prince Oscar

By on November 30, 2016
Thursday, December 1 has not only all named Oskar name day, then is also the day of the gift that the museum gave to HSH Hereditary Prince Oscar at the naming ceremony – a celebration of his first name day. From morning to evening organizing the Royal Armoury in the Royal Palace activities for everyone who wants to join. The day begins with children are offered juice and cake and then screenings in the museum on the theme of princes and princesses.
In the afternoon it will be tea room in the beautiful Stone Hall with Prince Oscars Special Cake to an afternoon concert dedicated Oscar-princes then and now. “Princess Eugenie” and “Crown Princess Lovisa”, aka Karin Hellman Geworkian and Marianne Jacobs plays four hands on the piano and offers us music that was heard in the castle’s salons in the 1800sas well as something completely new! Presenter is the curator Gösta Sandell. Ticket is required.
Oskar’s name day in the Royal Armoury ends with that the curator Sofia Nestor tells about celebrations in the 1800s by the Royal Swedish name days, birthdays, etc. around Oscars princes and other royalty.
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