Romeo & Julia Choir back with Bellman tribute

By on September 18, 2017
Urban Wedin

Romeo & Julia Choir, just home from China, returns to Dramaten with Fredman’s funeral. It will be a joyful musical tribute to all-artist Carl Michael Bellman on the Big scene on October 1st.

250 years have passed since the court watchmaker Fredman’s death in 1767, and because of that, Romeo and Julia choir invite to the autumn concert. In Bellman’s world, life and death are neighbors, and Fredman’s funeral becomes a balancing act in the intoxication’s mazes. In the white eye of death glimpses life’s passion, torment and comedy through Bellman’s music and texts.

Fredman’s funeral was played for the first time in May, and Dramaten is now following up the spring’s performance with two more concerts on the theater’s big scene. Part of Fredman’s funeral was also given during the Romeo & Julia Choir tour in China in August. At China’s rehearsals, there was anxiety about how the Chinese audience would perceive some staging and changes were made at the last moment. However, the worries proved not to be justified.

– The crowd was very amused and flexible and seemed to appreciate our sense of humor. Many also expressed their surprise that it was so beautiful and then suddenly so fun at a concert – “concerts can be so boring” … tells Benoît Malmberg, artistic leader and director of Romeo & Julia Kören.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm