Robot researcher makes Performance lecture at Dramaten

By on October 13, 2017
Ali Mian/Dramaten

Science and performing arts are mixed in a new format when Dramaten and Nobel Center together put up a series of staged lectures, Performance lectures. First out in the collaboration is the robotic researcher Danica Kragić Jensfelt. Little scene on November 22nd. The tickets were released on October 10th.

So much has been done, called Frankenstein’s soul – more, far more I will accomplish; I will follow the tracks already drawn, I will break new way, I will explore unknown forces and reveal the deepest mysteries of creation to the world. (From Frankenstein’s monster by Mary Shelley).

Can robots take care of our children? Can we use an artificial intelligence as non-judicial psychologist? And how much can we actually use robot technology to improve ourselves, to make us better looking or stronger?

In the robot researcher and Professor Danica Kragić Jensfelts staged lecture/performance lecture about robots – raised a number of questions about the possibilities of the future.

And can robots learn to imitate empathy – and in that case it is as valuable as “real” empathy? What is a consciousness? And is the human about to create a new kind of life?

With experience as a cleaner behind her, and with a son with special needs, Danica Kragić Jensfelt is driven by the idea that robots can make our lives better by doing things we don’t have time for, want or can. But where does the boundary actually go – technically and morally?

Performance lectures, where knowledge is conveyed with the theater’s tools, is a new format on Dramaten and is arranged in the framework of Dramaten&. The program will among others include a regular new collaboration between Dramaten& and Nobel Center, which takes off in the daily lives of different researchers. A new way of exploring and communicating science.

– I hope the audience will get an insight into the issues faced by researchers. Questions that concern us all and which can have a major impact on our society, now or sometime in the future. With this first project, together with Dramaten, we want to awaken curiosity, reflection and desire to learn more, says Anna Sjöström Douagi, Program Director at the Nobel Center.

– In collaboration with the Nobel Center we can use the theater’s tools for a common wish; to make science more accessible. It’s ultimately a democratic issue, says Helena Seth, Program Director for Dramaten&.

Performance lecture: Danica Kragić Jensfelt about robots, November 22, Little Scene

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm