Ritter, Dene, Voss

By on December 1, 2016

Two sisters are going to invite their brother, who is on leave from a psychiatric hospital, to dinner. It’s a bit nervous. How is he really?

Ritter, Dene, Voss is a dramatic, funny and sometimes dark play by Austrian Thomas Bernhard. At the first performance in 1986 was played the three roles of the actors Ilse Ritter, Kirsten Dene and Gert Voss – hence the somewhat cryptic title.

The sisters are actresses who, thanks to a majority ownership in one of Vienna’s major theaters only plays when they have the urge. The brother Ludwig, played by Staffan Göthe, is a famous philosopher, on temporary home visits from the psychiatric hospital Steinhof.

The ‘happy’ sister (Stina Ekblad) drowns him in the care and jelly donuts until he explodes in nasty truths about the sisters, their father, industrial magnate, lousy portrait painter, theater art and much more. He is as astute as mean. Theunhappysister (Irene Lindh) watching with amusement behind her cigarette.

Ludwig is written with philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein and his nephew Paul (friend of the author) as models.

Directing is Gunnel Lindblom who made her directorial debut on Royal Dramatic Theatre in 1973 and since then has directed over 20 productions at the theater. Latest The pillars of society by Henrik Ibsen. Gunnel Lindblom is also known as an actor, including in a number of films of Ingmar Bergman. Now she puts up this play written by one of her favorite writers, Thomas Bernhard, who had a renaissance in Sweden through a series of new editions of his novels.

Director: Gunnel Lindblom
Scenography: Jan Lundberg
Participants: Stina Ekblad, Staffan Göthe, Irene Lindh
Premiere January 6, 2017, Lejonkulan

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