Restaurant Biology opens in the Biological Museum

By on August 17, 2017

Biology is the teaching of life and nothing can fit better as a starting point for a restaurant with high ambitions. To work sustainably and consciously with what we live of – food and drink – requires knowledge of biology. Biology is also the name of the new restaurant in the Biological Museum at Djurgården. It will be open to subscribed companies and events and is a collaboration between Skansen and innkeeper KC Wallberg from Restauration Gubbhyllan at Skansen.

On Restaurant Biology you learn about life. Here is the knowledge of raw materials in a season from forest, lake and land. The selected suppliers work with healthy, sustainable methods. All this can be learned more about in the menu presentations at the time of serving. Then it will also be given a talk around the “doctrine of life” in a nice way – without pointers.

Pop-up restaurant and winter dinners
Restaurant Biology will be available as a pop-up restaurant 14-16 September, 9-11 November and 25-27 January. Then the evening starts with drinks and snacks followed by a causerie and presentation, dinner seating with 9 dishes in four servings and ending with coffee and tea parties.

Christmas and winter dinners
From 21 November to 21 December, Christmas and winter dinners are served. It is a creative craft meal that weaves in season, tradition, creativity and innovation in five servings. The dinners have different themes that you can choose from: “forest, lake or wild”, or a vegetarian variation with “forest, fields and soil”. The evening starts with drinks and snacks, followed by a causerie and presentation, Gådsost buffet with cheeses from Swedish farms, dinner seating and ending with coffee and tea parties.

Food and drinks
The selection of both food and drink is framed by the term “Biology – the doctrine of life”. Origin, craftsmanship, awareness and choice of raw materials are the cornerstones of Restaurant Biology. All that is served is cooked and baked in its own production. All the wine offered is biodynamic. The beer comes from Swedish farm breweries or is known as “craft beer”. Even the non-alcoholic beverages are crafty and healthy prepared, for example, mustad apples and Gubbhyllan’s own made juices. All fish and seafood is MSC-labeled.

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