Reading 7 Nov: LINDA by Penelope Skinner

By on November 1, 2017

Tuesday, November 7th at 6.30 pm Playhouse Theater invites to reading of Penelope Skinner’s play Linda – a briskly drama about success that suddenly tracks out.

Linda Wilde is successful. She devotes her life to improving the world and has won awards for her work. At the same time she sees to be an inspirational mother and an independent, loving wife. But now, at the top of her career, she launches her most revolutionary idea so far – an idea of potential to change how society looks at women of mature age – she’s encountering resistance. Strong resistance. And her carefully calculated life begins to crash in an accelerating spiral downward.

Penelope Skinner debuted as a dramatist in 2008 and has been called “our leading young feminist writer” of The Independent magazine. Linda got its first performance and was played in 2017 at the Manhattan Theater Club in New York.

“Sometimes sad, sometimes funny and always wildly enterntaining.” – The Hollywood Reporter

“LINDA raises important questions with bracing force. The play demands to be seen!” – Time Out New York

The reading is performed in English, directly from the original manuscript.

Tickets: 100 kr

Director: Björn Lönner

Contributors: Yosefin Buohler, Yngve Dahlberg, Emily Faris, Elisabet Klason, Stefan Marling, Ellinor Olmarken, Fanny Rosén, Johan Westberg Laudahn.

Playhouse Theater, Drottninggatan 71, Stockholm
07 November 18:30 – 21:10

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm