Re-wilding the World!

By on July 12, 2017


Now goes The Body Shop out with the news of the launch of the World Bio-Bridges Mission (Re-wilding the World), a fund whose goal is to raise more than 2 million pounds to create another 10 bio-bridges around the world until in 2020.

The World Bio-Bridges Mission is being established to build on the successful launch of Bio-Bridges – green areas that link together threatened areas of high biodiversity, thus protecting some of the world’s most endangered species. It is a follow-up to the groundbreaking Bio-Bridges project in Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia, where millions of customers were committed to pulling their straw to help threatened orangutans, tigers and monkeys.

Bio-Bridges protects and regenerates corridors between healthy areas of rainforest, and links in that way together isolated and threatened animal and plant species to re-enable them to reproduce and thrive. The loss of biodiversity is one of the world’s biggest challenges today, and fragmentation of natural and living environments is one of the main reasons for it. The World Bio-Bridges Mission has as its stated goal to help solve this problem. A fundamental part of the program is to engage local communities in the long-term protection of the habitats created by the bio-bridges. This is done by helping to create a more sustainable lifestyle for the people living in and around the surrounding areas, and to preserve and enrich the biodiversity of the habitats through sustainable trade and climate compensation.

The money collected through the World Bio-Bridges Mission will focus on building bio-bridges to create new and protect existing wild corridors. Funding will vary depending on area, partner, life area and region. The program’s philosophy is in line with Future Fit Business Benchmark, a framework that helps drive entrepreneurship towards real-life sustainability. The framework is the basis for The Body Shops work with corporate responsibility.

All projects will work with local commitment through a clearly defined strategy to achieve long-term goals for the protection of communities and the environment. The World Bio-Bridges Mission will also enable The Body Shop to identify possible new natural ingredients from these biological hotspots, thus creating a sustainable purchasing chain and a profitable alternative to forest felling and poaching for local communities.

Christopher Davis, International Director of Corporate Responsibility and Campaigns at The Body Shop, says:

“Our new way of working with philanthropy is based on the philosophy that builds on The Body Shops’ basic knowledge and experience. These driving forces will multiply the impact of our work, and help meet issues related to loss of life areas and biodiversity. By protecting and rebuilding countries, working with local communities and seeking partnerships with nonprofit and governmental organizations around the world, the World Bio-Bridges Mission can create real change in some of the planet’s most diverse areas.”

The World Bio-Bridges Mission will be run by The Body Shop International and monitored by an Advisory Team with 13-member, consisting of internal and external representatives who will advise and review how the funded funds are distributed. Sharon Brooks, Senior Program Officer at the UN Environment – World Conservation Monitoring Center (UNEP WCMC) will act as an external member of the Advisory Team and offer expert knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystems.

Without administrative costs will each crown that is collected go directly to finance the collaborators working to create bio-bridges. By more closely linking the philanthropic activities with entrepreneurship, The Body Shop can avail itself of the ability to use its professional knowledge, experience and skills to reach the ambitious goal of collecting £ 2 million and building 10 new bio-bridges in addition to the existing commitment to protect and rebuild 75 million square meters of living space by 2020, as part of Enrich Not Exploit ™.

Bill Oddie OBE, television personality and ambassador of World Land Trust, wich is The Body Shops partner in several bio-bridge projects, says: “Bio-bridges !? What, like the one they should build over the River Thames? No, more useful than that and a bit more distant. Wild animals must be able to swing and jump freely through trees and forests and not limited by the decreasing areas of life that remain. What do they need to surely get from one area to another? Bio-bridges. There’s never enough of them!”

The World Bio-Bridges Mission will also capture the passion of consumers in order to collect money and raising awareness of the issue, through the sale of specialty edition products each year. This year, it begins with the Amazonian Saviour™ Multi-Purpose Balm, as well as specifically developed campaigns from The Body Shop. The Advisory Team will actively raise programs from external groups or individuals who want to go side by side with The Body Shop in the mission of protecting and enriching biodiversity.

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