By on June 21, 2017

High current with the new EP’s “New Addictions” California R5 goes out on tour! Siblings Ross, Riker, Rocky and Rydel Lynch – as well as the friend and drummer Ellington Ratliff – are a world sensation! With hits like “Smile”, “Pass Me By” and “I Feel The Love”, the R5 is a pop rock steamroller in the music world. Now they come here! Saturday 30 September at Fryshuset in Stockholm and Sunday 1 October at KB in Malmö!

Tickets will be released on June 26 at 09:00 via LiveNation.se

It’s hard not to get caught up in the hits that R5 has created over the years. The songs on the new EP “New Addictions” are no exception. The album is the first that the band has made for the most part on its own hand – where Rocky Lynch (otherwise on guitar in the band) has produced the entire album.

Ross Lynch describes their work best:
Every new thing we make will be different from what we’ve done in the past, but on this EP we really got into a whole new groove with our writing. Instead of trying to make this kind of tune or that kind of tune, we’re just completely giving in and letting the music decide for itself.”

We strongly recommend that you check out “New Addictions” on Spotify and get ready for the ticket release on June 26th. The concerts with R5 will be the best way to start the autumn! Look at Fryshuset and KB!

30/9 – Fryshuset, Stockholm
Tickets will be released on June 26 at 9.00.

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