Program release to the street dance festival Urban Connection 2018

By on February 23, 2018

Dragking Qarl Qunt, two legends from the battle scene, and a whole new performance with Ambra Succi who takes a frustrated neck grip on the suburbs fatal shootings. This year’s program at Stockholm’s street dance festival Urban Connection 2018 offers politic and environment as well as kung fu and butch realness. The festival date is 9-12 May at Dansens Hus.



Last year, 42 people were killed in Sweden. Most in a public place – very close to kindergarten, health centers, shops and square shops.

The choreographer Ambra Succi lives in Rinkeby and has the lethal violence literally at her own threshold.

Along with the dancers Farzad Ahmed, Rebecca Livaniou, Danielle Lundgren and Nathalie Ifter Salomonsson, she wants to put the light on this unfortunate tragedy and what it does with the people around.

“We want to focus on sharing our experiences through our art forms, dance, song, text, music and movies to hope for a better future,” says Ambra Succi.

Included in the performance is also singer Kristin Amparo

Performance date: May 11 & 12, Big stage


Popping, hip hop and house become one in the French dancer and choreographer Linda Hayford’s “Shapeshifting”. Hayford has previously collaborated with Cie Par Terre: Anne Nguyen, Paradox Hall and Black Sheep: Johanna Faye/Saïdo Lehlouh.

Under the name of Cie Inside Out, she develops her own projects, such as “Shapeshifting” – a self-publishing piece about a dancer’s journey from light to dark. A solo that breaks apart from genres and conventions and mixes its own moving language.

Together with composer Abraham Diallo, the two create a hypnotic captivating work that goes straight into the heart.

Performing date: May 11 & 12, Little stage


Ida “Inxi” Holmlund and Alexandr “Sashdilla” Antochvili are both legends in the battle scene. Now they meet to do a work for Urban Connection. The duet “Conflict” is a violence prevention performance inspired by both kung fu and battles.

See “Conflict” as an encouragement to the art of self-defense and to deal with and resolve conflicts in a creative direction. The performance also explores different hero figures and compares their actions. Can we lift heroes who resolve conflicts without violence, and can we strive to be those heroes?

Performances: 11 & 12 May


In Matilda Fleberg’s “Outlive”, seven dancers, together with the music duo Vaz, explore how a flock of individuals survive in modern society. During the journey, they experience both liberation and captivity, openness and prejudice, pride and shame. What happens when you go against your survival instincts? And what measures are needed to survive the conditions of modern society?

Matilda Fleberg has previously choreographed to both Eurovision and Let’s Dance and worked with artists like Zara Larsson and Molly Sandén.

Performances: 9 & 10 May


When Sofia Södergård goes on the stage transformed into dragking Qarl Qunt, anything can happen. With an interest in power and sexuality, he invites a crossover performance that lands between cabaret and performance. Through dance styles voguing and waacking delivered butch realness challenging the stereotyped masculine and feminine.

Sofia Södergård is a freelance choreographer, dancer, actor and DJ. She is one of the founders of the Dance company P*fect as 2008 was the first in Europe to focus on the styles waacking and vogue. P*fect has been featured at Sadler’s Wells in London, Melodifestivalen, Juste Debout in Paris, and has been a opening act to Lady Gaga.

During the past year, Södergård has played one of the main roles in True according to whom? at Theater Three. She has also choreographed the sisters Kronlöv’s latest performance and Farnaz Arbabis Angels in America at Dramaten.

Performances: 9 & 10 May


Tove Rådmark and Linnea Sonka met in 2010 and then began to create projects. Today they are both based in Stockholm and act as dancers and choreographers in the street dance field. To Urban Connection they have done “Unvolution”. A performance that takes off in an acute, contemporary and worldwide problem: our environment and its future. The journey goes from a vibrant, sensible and pervasive nature experience to a powerful, monotonous and dystopian future.

Performances: 9 & 10 May

9-12 May 2018, Dansens Hus

Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm