Premiere night for Ekwall’s sneaker brand Difficult By P

By on October 29, 2018

Patrick Ekwall’s sneaker brand Difficult By P. takes charge and sends directly from his first big show.

“I am from the television industry and I feel it would be strange not to try to reach as many as I can with this event,” says Ekwall.

Thursday November 1, Difficult By P shows their sneakers on a traditional catwalk in A House, Östermalm, Stockholm.

But it will not be like any fashion show. It will be a little more than that.

“Usually, fashion shows are very short and a little stressful, because often the audience goes on to someone else. We will offer a slightly different layout with mingles, interviews and entertainment in connection with the show, which will contain a few surprises in itself”, says Patrick Ekwall, who is founder and furthermore designs all sneakers.

Difficult By P makes dressage luxury sneakers for both boys and girls, produced in Italy, where DBP uses the same factory that makes sneakers for Louis Vuitton and Dior.

“We have a battery of brand new amazing models that we will see for the first time, but we will also show up a lot of our basic range. We are still very new in the market and many are very new to very many”

Among the many specially invited guests comes the Italian factory’s production manager, Craftsman, Stefano Berti.

“It’s great for us to that Stefano visits us, he usually works with big dragons like Louis Vuitton, Dior and Balenciaga, and now he takes the time to go to Sweden to take part of what our little little brand is up to” “ says Ekwall.

A catwalk is being built in a local inside A House called “Verkstaden” and Patrick Ekwall is very excited about the event.

“It’s a bit scary. We’ve never done this before. And that’s a big thing for our company, which is just a few. Basically. But we’ve been preparing for a period and I think our home-cut idea will work”

Patrick has engaged a professional TV team through his contacts in the industry that will produce the entire view with multiple cameras and anyone can follow the event via live broadcast on various social media platforms.

“At least I can guarantee that we get a professional TV broadcast, because we have taken some of the industry’s best.” I have to benefit from having worked 25 years in the television industry” says Ekwall.

Difficult By P: s Showtime at A House, Östermalmsgatan In Stockholm, at 18:00

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