Photo Fair – a given hub for knowledge and inspiration

By on October 13, 2016

On November 11 opens the Photo Fair, and this year it is a strong focus on inspiration and knowledge. With both photo and inspirational exhibitions and a rich program of seminars, visitors will get a lot out of their visit. In addition is most of all the major camera brands in place for those who are more interested in technology. Photo fair is 11 to 13 November at the Stockholm International Fairs.

Several exhibitions
On the theme of inspiration is the exhibition “Make more of your photo”. A place where visitors can see examples of how own photographs can be art on the walls in the home or perhaps wallpaper, pillow or painting? On site shows lots of creative ideas up on how photographs can be used in different ways. As in previous years has the Photo Fair a larger exhibition with photographers exhibiting their pictures. Participants include Serkan Günes, Victoria Söderström, Alison De Mars, Jens Andersson, Beata Rydén and Philip Alexandersson. For more information click

Mothership in place
On Knowledge scene are almost 100 lectures and including the training company the Mothership which usually only have online courses in photography and imaging to be in place. Each day keeps the Mothership’s talented teacher lectures on everything from imaging, tips and tricks how to become a better portrait photographer to how to handle the large picture exuberance that everyone struggles with. See Mothership’s scheme for the Photo Fair

Photo relay race
In the Swedish National Association of photography booth will it be arranged an exciting activity, Photo relay race, where everyone can test its associativity. Visitors can try to interpret an image based on color, form, composition and image content. You makes your own interpretation and sends the image to the next person. Read more

Photo Fair is a meeting place for all who have an interest in photography. For three days you will get visitors to experience a photo fest filled with inspiration, product information, photo exhibitions and free workshops.

Photo fair is held the same time as Stockholm Food & Wine at Stockholm International Fairs.

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