Paint with inspiration from current color themes!

By on November 11, 2017

Coloring based on a theme is an inspiring way to find color combinations. From Beckers there are a whole lot of colors with as beautiful as exciting names – and of course there is a thought behind just the chosen names that clearly enhance the feel of the color.

Think theme and make it easy for you to combine different colors. Highly topical color families from Beckers are Winter, Party and Country kitchen.
In the theme Winter we find the names Winter Night, Frost and Kyla. It is colder colors that open up and give a brighter, larger and airy feel to the room.
Party is the mix of the colors Champagne, Oysters, Rock n ‘Roll and Caramel, which together stretch on the borders. The black creates weight for the tender, soft and all right pink – which, in contrast to the dark, rather signals attitude.
The theme Country kitchen collects the soft, nature near colors Marble, Potato, Linen and Salvia, where the green is linked to vegetation and beige to natural materials. Colors that together bring the home a calm and harmonious atmosphere.

To the theme Country kitchen coexist the nature near colors. The Color names are Marmor 654, Potato 601, Lin 556 and Salvia 825.

The theme is called Winter and displays colors that give a more airy feel to the room. The names are Winter night 507, Frost 754 and Kyla 741.

Helena Olofsson, Gadgets