Oh Tambo goes burlesque in new video

By on April 27, 2018


 Now the band releases the third single and the video Burning Up Inside.

“We took one step back and the charismatic women two steps forward,” says Mattias Ahlén, singer in the band.

Official release date is April 28, with a big call on Harry B James club “Dirty Nights” in Stockholm.

Once again the band has worked with the video maker Henrik Perälä and this time the script is written by Michaela Leo. In Burning Up Inside, Oh Tambo joins the 70’s riff and is influenced by a teenagey Foo Fighters. The song is in its simplicity about unfiltered and uncompromising passion.

A fun video about to make with the possibility of making a current social commentary via the classic show-form burlesque,” says Henrik Perälä.

In the video’s burlesque club environment, Oh Tambo is surrounded by four colorful women: Anna Jarl, Maria Hagman, Evelina Bjurberg and Johanna Andersson. The band have backed away one step and puts on the role as a comp band on a burlesque show.

“You hardly dare look,” laughs Magnus Wikström, guitarist at Oh Tambo.

The video is made with a glint in the eye and has a twist at the end where it does not really turn out like the comp band in its naive desire have imagined.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music