Official start of construction

By on November 26, 2016

At a ceremony at Skansen November 16 started Björn Carlson, founder of BalticSea2020, officially the construction of a new knowledge center on the Baltic Sea at Skansen. With on the first symbolic bombing was also Skansen Chief John Brattmyhr, Principal Astrid Soderbergh Widding at Stockholm University’s Center for Baltic and Conrad Stralka, operations manager at BalticSea2020.

We are very excited about this partnership, said Bjorn Carlson in his speech. We wanted to find a place where we could carry out research and to increase the level of knowledge on a broad front. There offered Skansen us a great opportunity.

Baltic’s future is a complex issue that involves an entire region with over 90 million inhabitants. The goal of the Knowledge Centre at Skansen is increasing understanding that everything that is done in the region also affect inland sea.

We hope that all who visit the center come out of there with a greater insight, says Tomas Frisk, who is project manager of the Department of Zoology. If you do not know anything at all about the Baltic so you should have got with them a basic information, and if you know a little bit more you can also find in-depth information. We will also have activities specifically geared toward students at secondary and high schools.

– This strengthens our capacity to reach out with knowledge of the environment and sustainability for both the school and our visitors, said John Brattmyhr. Skansen is a green classroom for many, and now we can be and hopefully influence to decide on the Baltic Sea in the future.

In his blog at Stockholm University website emphasized principal Astrid Soderbergh Widding how important it is to reach out with the research.

– For us it will be an important cooperation arena, where we can communicate our current research and knowledge of the Baltic Sea and its environment.

Construction going on 2017-2018 and the inauguration is scheduled for the fall 2018th

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