Oaxen Slip launches concept for solo eaters

By on July 26, 2018

Oaxen Slip takes solo eating to Sweden to change the view of eating out on its own. With the new OAXEN SOLO concept, Oaxen Slip invites anyone who wants or needs to eat without a company.

“We want to be a precursor in our industry and change the view that loneliness eating is a problem.” says Agneta Green, one of the founders of Oaxen Krog. “By exclusively turning to those who want or need to eat on their own, we create a place where it is the norm – at SOLO is all solo eaters.” Agneta explains.

“Oaxen SOLO is initially one evening a week in the bistro Oaxen Slip. You come without company and sit with people who for different reasons are in the same situation. We want to remove the hesitation of eating on their own and replacing it with community. At SOLO are all solo eaters.” says Agneta.

“The reason for coming to OXEN SOLO is many. Your friends do not have time, you are in Stockholm on a business trip, eating at a restaurant without company is on your “bucket list” or that’s a fear you want to overcome. There are many reasons why you are solo and everyone is as welcome.” Agneta says. “We expect it to be a great mix of people. We see it as part of the strength of the concept.”

Agneta continues: “Sustainability is something that always permeates our entire business, from the building and the interior of the food and drink we serve. With Oaxen SOLO, we raise the social perspective. Many live alone, and as many as 34% say they do not have anyone to eat dinner with (Food & Friends 2018). It’s important to sometimes sit with others to eat and talk.” Agneta explains. “Even if you’re solo for some reason, you’ll have that opportunity.”

Friday, October 5, is the premiere of Oaxen SOLO at Oaxen Slip.

Helena Olofsson, Food & Beverage | Stockholm