Now the program is released for Human Rights Days

By on June 13, 2018
The picture shows a selection of this year's speaker.

Soraya Post, Nina Rung, Victor Olisa, Hans Linde, Elena Namli, Nathan Hamelberg, Dance Group JUCK, Stina Oscarsson. There are some of the participants in Human Rights Days in Stockholm on November 15-17. Today, much of the program is released to the forum.

The program is launched under the heading “The Right to a Life Free of Violence” that is the theme of this year’s forum. Around 200 program points, 500 participating and around 80’s exhibitors will be in place during the MRI days to highlight issues related to different types of violence as a rights violation.

For example, the program addresses sexualized violence, political violence, structural violence, hatred and harassment, hate and threats on the Internet, men’s violence against women, close relationships and violence in conflict zones. There will be a deepening of the structures and background factors behind the violence. But also several examples of solution-oriented methods for how violence in all its forms can be counteracted and prevented.

– The program will be an in-depth study of the structures and background factors behind the violence: Who are the perpetrators and who are subjected to violence? How does power structures related to gender, ethnicity / witness, functionality, class, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion and age affect the likelihood of violence or violence? During the forum, we look forward to many interesting discussions and exciting speakers that raise these issues from several important perspectives, says Malin Slätis, Project Manager on Human Rights Days.

Amongst this year’s participation, are Soraya Post, EU Parliamentarians, Hans Linde, Chairman of the RFSU, Victor Olisa, Doctor of Criminologist and Retired Police from London Metropolitan Police, Stina Oscarsson, Drama and Director, Dance Group JUCK, Nathan Hamelberg and Adam Wassrin, Project Manager, Machofabriken, Elena Namli, Professor of Theological Ethics, Nina Rung, Criminologist and Genius Scientist, and Founder of the Huskurage Association.

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