Now opens the shed doors on Skansen’s Christmas market!

By on November 21, 2018
Marie Andersson

Now it’s soon time for the first Christmas market weekend at Skansen. The sheds opens up the doors, and salesmen from all over the country pack up Christmas food, textiles, wood crafts, fish and confectionery, gingerbread cakes and saffron buns. There is dancing around the Christmas tree with a hot chocolate and freshly baked little donuts, roasted almonds, coal buns and much more. The craftsmen in the city quarter – the glass mill, pottery and several other small workshops are open. The Christmas Market is open 24 – 25 November, 1 – 2, 8 – 9 and 15 – 16 December.

Skansen’s Christmas Market is an unbroken tradition since 1903 and it continues to evolve with contemporary crafts mixed with classic Christmas goods like herring and marzipan. On the market there are about 75 salesmen selling everything from knitted socks to spun sugar and forging.

In the city district, many of the workshops are open and here you can also find Christmas presents like jewelry, pots and beautiful glass.

One of the newcomers on the market this year is designer Elmina Fors, who sells her fine knitted goods as well as the company Prima Konfekt, which sells typical Christmas candy. Kristina Larsson is also a relative newcomer to the market who makes beautiful craftsmanship in wood. Some who are back this year are Kafferostarna. They bring Ethiopian coffee beans to be roasted on the spot, and milled and brewed to smoking hot coffee on demand.

Secret Christmas presents are a great seller over the years, like Skansen mustard. The classic branch lights, which sell end every year, are manufactured at Ekerö. Many people just come for the saffron buns but whatever their charms, Skansen’s Christmas Market has a faithful audience coming every year.

The Christmas market starts this year the weekend before the first advent, 24-25 November, and then goes on weekends until 15-16 December. The last advent will be a weekend with a simpler Christmas trade where the focus is on the farm Santa. Ebbe Schön will be in place on the weekend 22-23 December to tell us about our local Santa in its gray clothes. On December 22, the Skansen Aquarium begins to celebrate its 40th anniversary with free entry until January 6th.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm