Now Christmas is over at Skansen, now it is danced out!

By on January 4, 2018

January 7 is the official Christmas end of Skansen. Then Christmas is danced out together on Bollnestorget’s dance court where the Christmas Orchestra and Ayla Kabaca invite Christmas music and a final dance around the tree. Then it’s time for other fun activities. If everything goes along with the winter cold, Skansen’s ice rink will open on January 13, and Circus Skansen’s performances will start on January 14th.

Christmas end January 7th
At Bollnestorget there are also fish ponds, sugar candy, fried almonds and the firepans are lit for sausage grilling. You can bring your own sausage or buy on site. The pub and Våffelbruket at Marknadsgatan are open with sales of sausage, pie, mulled wine and other hot drinks, waffles, etc. It is also possible to spend Christmas in the Forest House. The pony tour is started and starts from the area between Bredablick and Lill-Skansen.

Christmas in the houses until January 7th
Boktryckarbostaden shows how to celebrate Christmas in the 1840s and in Delsbogården from Hälsingland a Christmas celebration from 1850. The Oktorpsgården has a Christmas table from 1870 on the farm from Halland. In the Småland post office, both spruce and space are decorated with Christmas, and at the poor statar family in the 1920s, Christmas is easier, but with Christmas atmosphere. In Väla school, the Christmas tree is decorated with Christmas crackers. The Iron Dealer’s family prepares Christmas in town in the 1930s.

Opening of Skansen’s icecourse January 13th
On January 13, Skansen’s new ice rink will be opened from 14:00 to 14:30 by Djurgården’s IF Konståkningsförening, which will showcase contemporary clothing, electricists and live music from Sollidenscenen. Skansen’s restaurants offer blueberry soup during the inauguration.








Cirkus Skansen premiere January 14th
This year’s first circus performances with Cirkus Skansen will be the day after, January 14th, but for the one who is still on the opening of the icecourse, a preview of the performance of the genre will be available at 15.00 on January 13th.







Helena Olofsson, Entertainment | Stockholm