Norrdans to Stockholm with Sju gånger sju

By on July 3, 2017

Norrdans comes to Stockholm and Park Theater on July 8th with the outdoor performance SJU GÅNGER SJU.

The performance is part of Norrdans willingness to present high-class and touching dance in new exciting environments and places where one may not expect this.

Norrdans ambition is to offer dance experiences to everyone regardless of the place of residence or cultural habits. All that’s needed is a big enough space and a bit of luck with the weather!

– I think it should be easy to experience dance; A bit at a time or everything at once, says Norrdans dance director Mira Helenius Martinsson.

The performance had premiere in the summer of 2014 and the extensive tour reached over 6,000 people. Now the success is resumed to honor Finland’s 100-year independence. The seven choreographies are based on the book Seven Brothers of Finnish national author Aleksis Kivi. Seven internationally recognized choreographers got seven days to create seven minutes of dance each. Each choreography is an interpretation of a brother.

– I promise that each of these brothers has varied temperament, humor and frame of mind, says Mira Helenius Martinsson.

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