NONONO released the dreamy “Lost Song” last Friday

By on November 13, 2017

On September 1, trion NONONO released the long-awaited single “Masterpiece”. This after the band has taken a break due to two intense years of travel, TV shows and international tours in the wake of their great success with the hit song “Pumpin Blood”. Last Friday they released “Lost Song” which was the first song they wrote together when they reunited. It’s about finding confidence in itself after a time of rest and it is inspired by the inner journey of the band.

The singer and songwriter Stina Wäppling tells:

“Tobias played the track to Lost Song for me in the car when I had just returned from India and I fought it sounded like India and felt like so many of the feelings I had gone through in that country far from home. Lost song is about losing confidence in life, and regaining it. It’s about fear and feeling unidentified, but also about regaining a basic belief that it’s just like being a tree or a child knows its enough only to exist. You do not need to justify or excuse your existence. For me, that feeling is important not to forget and it has given me a lot of strength so I hope to convey and share that feeling!”

Listen to ”Lost Song” here

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music