New restaurants to Kungsholmen’s new hub at the intersection of Scheelegatan / Fleminggatan

By on June 20, 2019

When Areim opens Kungsholmen’s new hub in October 2019, residents and those working nearby are offered two new restaurants to eat at. Both Holy Greens and ITAMAE have chosen to establish themselves in the neighborhood.

– We have now taken the next step in developing Kungsholmen’s new hub. It feels very good that, in addition to the service in the form of ICA Kvantum, Systembolaget, SATS and Apotek Hjärtat, which are already ready, can also offer restaurants. On October 2 this year, we open the doors to a place that will create life in this part of Kungsholmen and which simplifies everyday life for many, says Erik Ullsten, responsible for the property of the property owner Areim.

With the latest addition of tenants, Areim realizes its vision of anchoring the neighborhood in the urban environment and creating life and movement more hours a day. Through escalators you will come down to a place where people can meet and meet tomorrow, dinner and evening. Something missing in this part of Kungsholmen today.

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