National team player Jimmy Durmaz stops the bullshit on Father’s Day

By on November 2, 2019

Father’s Day, Sunday, November 10, the Swedish national football player, Jimmy Durmaz, invites you to a charity game along with well-known profiles, to stop the crap talk. A match in street-futsal at Subtopia / Hangaren in Stockholm, in favor of the organization Locker Room Talk.

– Words like “I’ll fuck your mom”, “fucking gay” and “whore” don’t belong anywhere. And definitely not in the locker room among young guys. With the game we want to stand up for a Sweden where we always choose love before hatred, threats and harassment. A value foundation that is in my DNA, says Locker Room Talks ambassador Jimmy Durmaz.

Father’s Day game is a response to the hatred and threat Jimmy Durmaz suffered after the loss to Germany during the 2018 World Cup. The stream of hateful comments is a symptom of the intolerance that Locker Room Talk is working towards. The organization became widely known at the end of 2017 with the Campaign Stop the Crap Talk, where Jimmy Durmaz was the spokesperson.

– What happened during the World Cup brought something to me, especially when you realize that there are more people out there who are involved in similar things. Many young guys hear the same kind of bullshit, though in the dressing room – every day.

But Jimmy Durmaz himself got an eye opener when, at 17, started visiting his little brother’s dressing room.

– I heard their talk in the dressing room. As soon as the coach – who was our dad! – went out of the room became a sickly hard conversation. Bad words, talk that 12 year olds should not say. We need more role models who stand up and show the right path. Therefore, I have engaged three young people in the game that does exactly that. Ingrid 12years, Douglas 13years and Depi 13years are all real role models that show courage, love and concern for and towards others. We do this together with Locker Room Talk and will stop the bullshit. Of course, we need everyone out there to come to the game and do it with us.

The charity match has received support from many different directions. Music creators and profiles such as Peg Parnevik, Carl Falk, Isabel Adrian, Wilma & Emil Holmqvist participate, Niklas Holmgren is the program manager & commentator. The Durmaz family also joins. Both Jimmy, his brother Elias and Dad Durmaz are playing for the message and Father’s Day in honor. While companies such as H&M, Coca-Cola and Playstation join as match partners. Spotify is a contributor and during Sunday, November 10, Clear Channel also donates advertising space around Stockholm to pay attention to the game.

– You can’t find a more genuine ambassador than Jimmy Durmaz. With the help of the charity game and all the funds raised, we can train even more of the next generation of role models to stop the bullshit once and for all, says Shanga Aziz, co-founder of Locker Room Talk.

The charity game takes place at the Subtopia Hangaren in Stockholm on Sunday, November 10 at 15:00. Tickets can be found at For those who can’t be in place, the game will be broadcast live on Viaplay and Viafree.

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