Napoleon made the first Swedish victory since 2008

By on September 24, 2017
Peter Holgersson AB

Napoleon Solomon from Turebergs IF won 30 kilometers in superior style and won the first Swedish victory in nine years. The win time was written to 1.38.47 and the margin became 1.05 to the 2nd Minale Yetsedaw Belie, Ethiopia.

– I have not run so far before, my focus is track running, so I did not really know how to lay up the race, said Napoleon, who has put several track records in the junior classes in Lidingöloppet.

Maria Larsson, Örgryte IS, took second straight victory and won at 1.55.19.

Early in the race he went loose with three other runners. The lead was decimated soon to two runners, Salomon and Minale Yetsedaw Belie from Ethiopia.

– It’s a tough track but I could run relaxed all the way. I focused on saving energy and disposing the race wisely, but wanted at the same time keep the speed up so when I noticed that it fell, I went up and laid me first.

With more than six kilometers left to finish, Belie got to give up and Solomon was in a single leading.

– It felt very good during the race, a lovely feeling. I felt that I was stronger and when he let go, I could run the last six kilometers with the knowledge that I would win the race. Time was not important this time, says Napoleon Solomon.

It’s the first time since Mustafa Mohammed won 2008, as a Swedish takes home victory over 30km. Second came Minale Yetsedaw Belie and third Michael Ekvall, Strömstad LK.

– It’s great fun to see such offensive running from a Swedish runner, says expert commentator Magnus Bergman about Napoleon’s race

Photo: Peter Holgersson AB

In the women’s class was Maria Larsson from Örgryte IS strong all the way and repeated her victory from last year.

– Why do I do this ?! That was Maria’s first comment after the finish.

Maria went out calmly and let Ethiopian Tefera Hiwat run away. In the slope after Bosön with 12 km left, Maria catch up. In the last mile was it only men left to pass.

– It’s gratitude that many guys have higher ambitions than they are trained for, I’ve run pass many the last 10 km and it’s motivates, laughs Maria.

But it was not without fighting as Maria could take her second straight victory.

– I had stable kilometer passages and thought that if someone is catching up she is tired because then she has ran fast. But I’ve never been so happy to reach a finish line! It’s the first time I run so far since Lidingöloppet last year, says Maria, who sees the TCS Lidingöloppet as Sweden’s funniest race.

Second came Ida-Maria Nicklasson from Finspång’s AIK, which was 1.02 from the victory, in third place came Ida Nilsson, Högby IF, the trailspecialist

Photo: Peter Holgersson AB

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health | Lidingö