Nano is finally back with new music!

By on August 22, 2017

Now Nano is following up the big success with “Hold On” – last friday the song “One” was released.

– “One”. I have so much to say about it, says Nano. It was called “Freedom” from the beginning and I have always loved it. But I always felt something was missing, a lightning in other verses or a line that summarized the whole song. “My heart wants freedom, my head wants reasons, I’ve got to make them one.” That line came to me and everything fell into place and I felt completely satisfied. The sorrow and longing I had when I wrote it is still, but now there is also joy. The joy that I feel today.

Nano took the whole of Sweden by storm with the song “Hold On” this winter. It was # 1 on the radio list, # 2 on Spotify’s top list, spent 13 weeks on the official single list and has been streamed over 13 million times. The song has been on the Svensktoppen for 23 weeks, of which # 1 for 18 weeks.

A few weeks ago, the music video was released to “Hold On”, a captivating short film that reflects the song’s theme of endurance and defeating the dark moments of life. The video was recorded in Los Angeles and is produced by Prince Jackson, son of the pop icon Michael Jackson.

Listen to ”One” here >>.

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