Music | Veronica Maggio “I was my biggest obstacle.” In the new section of the DRIVET

By on May 30, 2016
In the this week’s episode of the podcast DRIVET released June 1 tells Sweden’s biggest female artist Veronica Maggio, who is now current with her fifth album, “Den första är alltid gratis”, about her journey from doubt to success.

Someone at the record company said, “What if the thing about you is that there is a man who has written the lyrics. And you singing stuff from a man’s perspective. That may be what they like with you“, says Veronica Maggio.

Veronica Maggio has won five Grammy awards, three rock bears and two P3 gold but like most successful artists, she has many years of tough journey behind it. She tells of criticism after the first album “Bread and water“, (the only one in which she did not write the songs herself) and how she almost got stuck after that.

– I got pretty bad reviews on the first disc and was very self-conscious. I could not express myself either on stage or in an interview, I felt very limited. So it was me that was my biggest obstacle, says Veronica Maggio.

But she also tells how she got out of the difficult times by daring to be herself and give advice to others facing similar obstacles as she did.

I just realized that I have to win or lose now. I need to get over myself and do this. Start writing myself, take back my control and be who I am. You have to dare, otherwise nothing will happen, says Veronica Maggio.

Interview with Veronica Maggio will be available on Acast, iTunes and DRIVET‘s website,, from 1st June 2016.

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