Music | Nanos “Pushin ‘” – a song about never giving up

By on May 22, 2016
Nano has released the single “Pushin” which he co-authored with Christian Walz (which among other things wrote for Veronica Maggio) and Johan “Jones” Wetterberg. “Pushin ‘is the third single Nanos, he reflects and narrates about moments in life that were destructive, and the importance of love and appreciation.

It is important not to forget to give love to the people who are struggling. Anything is possible as long as you want and continue to fight and ‘push’ yourself, says Nano. Creating this song with Walz and Jones has been extremely fun. There have been many days in the studio, the songwriter understood me as an artist and human being. The chemistry is important to get a good end result.

Spring 2015 Nanos released debut single “Lion” and last fall came “Perfect Melody“, on Spotify has the songs streamed over 5 million. Nano is named Spotify’s Spotlight on 2016,” one of the new artists they believe most of in 2016.
Listen to ”Pushin” här.

See the video här.

On June 9 plays Nano on Denniz Pop Awards.

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