Music | Kleerup and Sabina Ddumba release the song “Carry On”

By on May 10, 2016

The producer, musician and songwriter Kleerup has previously made several acclaimed collaborations with some of the biggest artists like Robyn, Titiyo and Lykke Li. In a unique collaboration releases Kleerup now with acclaimed rising star Sabina Ddumba the song “Carry On”. The pop song is about daring to show courage, break ground and to choose their own path.

Sabina is the world’s best and it’s been really fun to work with her. She has an amazing voice,” said Andreas Kleerup.

Things happen all the time when you working with Kleerup and I think it’s funny. He’s a genius”, says Sabina Ddumba.

The song “Carry On” is also the theme song for Volvo Cars new commercial for Volvo V40. Later this year, Kleerup release more music from his upcoming album.

Listen to “Carry On” här!

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