Music | Hop Along to Sweden in November

By on October 25, 2015
November 16 Folk & Rock, Malmo
November 17 Bar
Brooklyn (Debaser Beach) Stockholm (free entrance!)
November 18 – The Crossroad Club, Oslo

Hop Along know how to make these tiny moments feel huge” says Rolling Stone and similar declarations of love can be found at pretty much any music magazine / blog / writer who has something to come with. We are 110% ready to agree with everyone: Philadelphia Hop Along is a musical delights that are easy to love from the first second. Do not miss when your new favorite band is coming to Sweden and Norway for the first time November 16 at the Folk & Rock in Malmö (tickets released!), On November 17 at the Brooklyn Bar (free entrance!) in Stockholm and on 18 November at The Cross Road Club in Oslo (tickets released!).

After having started as a solo project in the freak folk genre for songwriter, singer and guitarist Frances Quinlan in the mid 00‘s, the Hop Along now established itself as one of America‘s most exciting indie bands. Quinlans strong voice is a spellbinding essence that you can not protect yourself from and with his brother Mark on drums, Tyler Long on bass and Joe Reinhart on guitar, they have become one of the scene’s currently most interesting constellations.
In 2012 Goat Disowned was released, their first album as Hop Along. Without the support of a record label and without marketing became Goat Disowned still something of a cult favorite and drew the attention from, among others Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo.
Hop Alongs latest album Painted Shut was released earlier this year on Bright Eyes companies Saddle Creek Records, and has been met with great reviews. Painted Shut recorded with legendary indie producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Dinosaur Jr.) and Frances Quinlan has been described as one of his generation‘s strongest songwriters.
We are extremely pleased to welcome them to Sweden – 16th November at the Folk & Rock in Malmö and 17 November at the Brooklyn Bar in Stockholm. The day after they play at The Crossroad Club in Oslo for those who are passing by our neighboring country.
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