Muscle Up For Arnold’s

By on January 30, 2019

At Biblioteksgatan in Stureplan’s most historic building, the house of Arnold stands Arnold’s ready to receive guests from the beginning of February 2019. Arnold’s is an elegant and imaginative restaurant rooted in Hollywood’s glory days.

Arnold’s takes the culinary elements from the timeless continental restaurant kitchen and mixes up with more green, fish and seafood. Signature dishes such as Grilled Sea Bass and Papaya Salad will be on the menu along with great desserts prepared at the table. Arnold’s kitchen is led by David Knabäck and Fanny Rönnblom. The large wine cellar will gradually be built up with all classic districts, much of the USA and a special Chablis part.

“When we created Arnold’s, we had a lot of power lunches in Beverley Hills, exotic fruit and Beauty & Beast in the head. It is our version of times gone by when it was a bit more show to go to the tavern ” – John Hällsson, responsible for the restaurant.

The food and drink is complemented by an extensive service experience. Experienced captain’s waiters with personality will guide guests through the evening and prepare and serve a selected part of the menu from carts that are rolled around in the dining room. The idea is to create a feeling of a time and place far away from Sweden.

The bar is a scene throughout the evening and focuses on qualitative signature cocktails with lots of fruit, radiant wines on glass and a well-built non and low alcoholic range. Start the evening with a Mango Ritz waiting for the dinner party or drop early or late to get the best opportunity to see who is coming and going.

Throughout the restaurant is a ceiling height of six meters, handmade glass crowns from Venice, walls in cream colored stucco lustro and lightly stained oak panel. The interior is characterized by colorful elements with patterns, gold details and a mural by Jakob Florberger. The work in the bar, including straws, is completely free of plastic.

Arnold’s is located at Biblioteksgatan 21 and is open Tuesday to Saturday 17–02. Opening hours will be increased gradually, where lunch and brunch will be added.

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