MTR Express launches talk show

By on October 14, 2016

The model, actress and TV host Tilde Froling is highly topical with an own talk show – On the train with Tilde. First up as guests in the program, which is recorded on the MTR Express during a trip between Gothenburg and Stockholm, is always current Niklas Strömstedt and popcountry singer Annika Ljungberg.

Two well-known guests from Gothenburg or Stockholm, a bartender and a house band is standing ingredients in the talk show. It serves personal and candid conversation about life, career, love and the future. Tilde ensures that calls switches into different tracks and that the guests do not withhold any details about their lives during the comfortable train journey.

Getting to record my own talk show on board a modern fast train that rushes between Gothenburg and Stockholm feels exciting and new. To also get to meet all these lovely guests, share their life stories, experiences and ideas is both captivating and inspiring, says Tilde Froling, the hostess on the train.

Until the end of the year served eight episodes of On the train with Tilde. Among the guests include, among others, the magician Julien Dauphin, jazz virtuoso Gunhild Carling, soccer player and model Anton Hysén and multi-contractor Bingo Rimér.

– Tilde Froling is a fantastic host, who through her talkshow on board reaches out with her charisma and captures both the viewers and the guests attention. I hope that On the train with Tilde inspires more such spontaneous and heartfelt conversations that we love to have on board the comfortable ride our modern trains invites, says Per Nasfi, marketing manager MTR Express.

On 12 October, the autumn’s first section premiere at MTR Express own YouTube channel.

The recurrent talk show that comes in the programs of approximately each 25 minutes, will be regularly published on the MTR Express YouTube channel ( Anyone who wants to experience Tilde’s live talk show – or just enjoy a comfortable journey between Stockholm and Gothenburg are welcome to go in and book on