MTR and SL campaigns to reduce congestion on commuter trains

By on October 3, 2019

More and more people are choosing to travel by commuter train and in a short time the number of trips has increased from 320,000 to over 400,000 per day. During rush hour on certain distances, it can be crowded on board, especially in the outer carriages. To get travelers to use more parts of the commuter train, MTR and SL are now trying a new way through the “On the Platform/På plattformen” campaign.

Breaking habits can be difficult, and getting travelers to move a little further along the platform to use more pairs of doors and thereby reduce the congestion on board is a challenge. Now MTR and SL are testing a new grip through the “On the Platform/På plattformen” campaign.

– The campaign is our version of the popular TV program “On the Track/På spåret”, but instead of answering questions about destinations, commuters get to test their knowledge of a destination on the platform. Through five different claims in varying degrees of difficulty, travelers are guided slowly to a place that relatively few have visited, says Jessica Törnkvist, communications manager MTR Pendeltågen.

On the platform in Solna
Solna station, has grown to become the third largest commuter train station, in terms of the number of daily travelers. In total, there are approximately 16,000 ascents every day in Solna and as the area grows, the number of travelers is also expected to increase. That is why MTR and SL carry out the Campaign “On the Platform/På plattformen) in Solna, with the aim of helping travelers to a more comfortable journey to and from work.

Stickers with clear clues on the platform, should entice the traveler to continue forward on the platform to arrive at the answer to the riddle: Where are we going/Vart är vi på väg?

The campaign has been developed in collaboration with the Kärnhuset and runs until October 10. In addition to decals on Solna station’s platform, a digital campaign with the former “On the Track/På spåret” profile Björn Hellberg has been produced.

We hope that with the blink of an eye we can get more travelers to absorb the message so that we not only reduce the congestion but also get more satisfied travelers, concludes Jessica Törnkvist.

The campaign started with a customer event at the station to collect the opinions and reflections of the travelers.

At the event, travelers to and from Solna were given three tips for an “airier” trip:

  • Choose another part of the train.
    On almost all commuter trains past Solna there is often more space in the middle of the train.
  • The commuter trains to and from Uppsala are very popular.
    Therefore, if you have the opportunity, try one of the other trains passing Solna.
  • Choose one of the green departures.
    Around 8am and 5pm there is rush hour traffic. Sometimes it may be enough to take a train sooner or later, so you get a quieter moment on the platform and seat on board.

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Source MTR Nordic