Most important New Year’s promise for health: becoming more social!

By on January 1, 2019

Are you going to find out which New Year’s resolution you will be able to handle this year? If you followed the most common new year promises you probably promised to lose weight or to train more. If you really want to make your health a service, you should rather build on your social relationships than your muscles.

Then it was time to live up to the New Year’s resolutions again. Many promises go in the health sign; To start gymnastics or lose weight belongs to the most common ones. But it is something completely different that has even greater impact on your health, namely social relationships. A rich social life has been shown to do the trick for good health.

Being without friends, or experiencing involuntary loneliness, makes a tremendous difference to our well-being. In fact, the stress that lack of social relations causes is considered more harmful than alcohol, smoking, obesity and physical inactivity. This is something that activity site want to raise awareness of, and especially do something about.

– We want to help Sweden to fulfill its most important new year’s promise. When we now know how important social relationships are to health, we want to make it easier for people to tie new friendships regardless of where in life they are, says Christian Altenius, founder of

Citypolarna are the activity site where the users themselves take the initiative and set up various forms of leisure activities. It can be about everything from a long walk to exercise away the Christmas food.

Helena Olofsson, Training & Health