MOMENTS moment is here

By on April 3, 2017

Warner has become with band! Warner Music have signed MOMENT which last Friday released the single “Indigo”.

MOMENT is a trio consisting of the friends Rasmus, Joel and Jacob who writes and produces their own music. The band has previously had rotation on P3 with the song “Sorry For You” and has now updated their sound with their penchant for heavy synths, hookiga choruses and pop melodies that breathe 80.

“Indigo” is inspired by the Netflix series “Stranger Things”, both in terms of the show’s ominous soundtrack and also of action where an alien life form come to earth and become speechless when for the first time experiencing love. “Indigo” has strong 80s references with a swirling synth that supports the verses and a dark drama that breathes Depeche Mode in the chorus.

– It is almost a year since we released the latest music, says Ramus. It feels fantastic to be back with a song that really represents the new elements and everything we went through last year.

Listen to “Indigo” here >>.

Follow-up single “All This Time” comes before summer.

– “All This Time” has the same feeling as “Indigo” but is much more funky. As soon as the chorus kicks off you want to start dancing, says Jacob.

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