MatchAcca – Game changing feature by PBS

By on June 13, 2018
The feature on desktop and mobile

This week the FIFA World Cup is starting in Russia, and timely enough Playtech BGT Sports (PBS) have just released a new feature, MatchAcca for Digital Sportsbooks. MatchAcca is a feature which allows the user to combine market types within a single event in one bet – a process that was previously disallowed as part of operators related contingency policies.

The feature provides users with interesting new betting options particularly on matches where the Match Result (1X2) is not an appealing betting proposition.

– MatchAcca is set to roll out to most of the volume customers within Playtech BGT Sports ahead of World Cup and it’s a great new feature that can change the industry. It has been a cross team collaboration to develop this feature, says Conny Lundgren, Product Owner for PBS Malmö.

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