Martin Stenmarck goes on Sweden tour with ”Syskonkärlek – räkna med bråk”.

By on April 23, 2017

Hi. My name is Martin. I’m Randi’s little brother but David’s big brother. And so I’m big brother to Emelie, Axel, Mio. And Elin, John and Linn and Benjamin, Olle and Joseph. Our mom was called Linda.

Martin Stenmarck has, as an artist, been on the biggest scenes over the years. As he now steps into the theater scene is it together with the comedian Kristoffer Appelquist who directed and wrote the script with Martin. We are invited to an evening with a lot of varied music with pain, longing and joy of being grown up in an unusually large family.

The artist Martin Stenmarck has received questions about his big family throughout his career and has always been striving to find fun answers to how it is to live with eleven siblings. But with a mother who was a true heroine but also slave under her impulses tells Martin open hearted about what it is like to grow up as the “Family Annorlunda” with constantly new addresses, constantly new dads and ever new siblings. This is the story of how it is to ride a sled after a runaway horse …

The performance “Syskonkärlek – räkna med bråk” is premiered at Maximteatern i
Stockholm on October 5th and then head out on a nationwide tour during the fall and winter.

In conjunction with the ticket release for the show last Friday, Martin also released a new single, a song written by Martin, Andreas Moe and David Björk, named “Ingen annan” and is specially written for the upcoming performance. A contagious pop song with a smell of summer. Listen to the new single here >>

Syskonkärlek – räkna med bråk are played this autumn as follows:

05/10 Stockholm – Maxim Teatern Premiere!
06/10 Stockholm – Maxim Theater
07/10 Stockholm – Maxim Theater
13/10 Gothenburg – Kajskjul8
14/10 Gothenburg – Kajskjul8
20/10 Gothenburg – Kajskjul8
21/10 Gothenburg – Kajskjul8
28/10 Norrköping – Flygeln
03/11 Malmö – Palladium
08/11 Skövde – Stadsteatern
10/11 Örebro – Concert Hall
11/11 Gävle – The Theater

More dates are added

The tickets were released on Friday, April 21, buy here >>

”Syskonkärlek – räkna med bråk” is produced by Lifeline Entertainment and The Brothers

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