Margit Brundin – Vernissage Saturday, April 1 at 11-16

By on March 29, 2017

Behind closed eyes dances pine trees waltz
In the exhibition at Kaolin shows Margit Brundin three major new sculptural works, which was drawn up in 2016. The stories take place in the borderland between sleep and awake. The theme is the inner journey that daydreams, fantasies and sleep provides. Our subconscious mind can play tricks on us during the night, while the brain’s ability to dream and fantasize away for a short time can be a relief when everyday life gets too long.

The hare has been a recurring narrator of Margit Brundins work, but now it has got more human traits and also takes more human-like postures. Maybe represents it now the individual rather than the animal and the relationship with the viewer’s own body becomes clear. Margit Brundin is challenged to constantly explore the clay and her own capacity, and she builds increasingly complex forms, in terms of size and composition. However, she does not compromise on the finer points of detail that characterizes her work. Capturing a moment is a slow and tedious process. The sculptures coiled and modeled in a rödbrännande stoneware clay and fired at 1120 degrees; some sculptures are built in parts to be joined by burning.

Margit Brundin works in Malmö and trained at the School of Design and Crafts, HDK in Gothenburg, where she graduated in 2010. She has held several high profile exhibitions and showed wall-mounted animal sculptures at Kaolin 2012. It is with great pleasure that Kaolin now once again shows her magical pet portraits.

Welcome to the vernissage Saturday, April 1, at 11-16.

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