Many of jazz’s hottest guitarists visiting Fasching during the spring.

By on December 16, 2016

Fasching is releasing tickets to several concerts of jazz’s hottest guitarists who all will visit the prestigious club in the spring with big names like John Scofield in the lead. There will be jazz guitar tightening indie rock when Jeff Parker, best known from the Tortoise and Isotope 217˚ takes the stage. Miles Davis employee John Scofield goes out into the country land and interprets songs by Dolly Parton and others – but with distinct jazz flavor.

Phantom Guitarist Kurt Rosenwinkel brings his new project Bandit 65 and offers a psychedelic post-jazz improvisation. The Jazz Guitarist own new favorite, Norwegian Lage Lund takes the guitar and his two accomplices in his trio and offers stylish and swinging jazz. Finally it becomes hypnotically beautiful with the veterans of The Abercrombie Quartet – led by responsive, guitar equilibrist John Abercrombie and pianist Marc Copland.


For more information about the bands:

Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Bandit 65 8/2

In Kurt Rosenwinkel‘s Bandit 65 is about breathtaking virtuosity, breadth and startling incident. Together with Tim Motzer and Gintas Janusonis he goes straight into the post-jazz freest domains to explore the intersection of guitars, rhythms, electronic sounds, experimental, psychrock, free improvisation and small telepathic interplay. The trio understand themselves as a wide-open canvas – a tabula rasa – to be filled with content. Which way it pulls off to is open. But it is clear that there will be equilibristic and innovative.


Kurt Rosenwinkel – guitar, electronics

Tim Motzer guitar, electronics

Gintas Janusonis – drums, electronics

Buy ticket for the gig with Kurt Rosenwinkel‘s Bandit 65 here: Köp biljett till spelningen med Kurt Rosenwinkel’s Bandit 65 här


The John Abercrombie Quartet 18/3

Jazz Ballads and deconstructed classics in the hands of super-instrumentalists with an almost telepathic interplay. With the disc 39 Steps at the legendary ECM label were met guitarist John Abercrombie and pianist Marc Copland for an excursion into jazz ballads and jazz lyrical moods that were unceasingly fascinating, not least their deconstructed version of a standard “Melancholy Baby.”

The relationship between Abercrombie and Copland has been compared with another classical guitarist-pianist- relationship: Bill Evans and Jim Hall. Although this is a humble and responsive sensitivity in an almost telepathic communication that gets both instrumentalists to lift together – or each one individually. So, they have also played together in various configurations since the early 1970s, when both were for a time members of Chico Hamilton‘s Quartet.


They certainly backed up by the rhythm section consisting of Drew Gress on bass and Joey Baron on drums.

John Abercrombie guitar

Marc Coplandpiano

Drew Gressbass

Joey Baron – drums

Buy ticket for the gig with The Abercrombie Quartet here
: Köp biljett till spelningen med The Abercrombie Quartet här


Lage Lund Trio 26/3

After growing up in Norway moved Lund to Boston to study at Berklee College of Music. Since 2002, he lives in New York. He was actually the first electric guitarist ever that was enrolled at the Juilliard School of Music.

Together with bassist Ben Street and drummer Bill Stewart continues Lage Lund exploring jazz standard repertoire. Meanwhile, his own songwriting gained momentum and the number of self-composed pieces is steadily growing in the live repertoire. By diligently playing and routine has live gig also become safer and the New York Times has described Lage Lund presence as almost ‘casually magnetic “.

Lage Lund – guitar

Matt Brewer – base

Johnathan Blake – drums

Buy ticket for the gig with Lage Lund Trio here: Köp biljett till spelningen med Lage Lund Trio här


John Scofield‘s “Country for Old Men“. Featuring Vicente Archer, Sullivan Fortner & Bill Stewart 30/3

Cormac McCarthy wrote the novel No Country for Old Men and brothers Cohen translated it into film in 2007. We still remember Javier Bardem as total crazy evil villain in the film. We must assume that jazz guitarist John Scofield (notably known for his collaborations with Charles Mingus and Miles Davis) also liked the movie (or book) because he chose to allude to them in his latest project Country for Old Men (which is also the title of the disc which came on the Impulse! autumn 2016).

The disc title is obviously not just a loving paraphrase on a favorite movie. It is also a statement. For this is about country music – a music genre guitarist John Scofield loved all his life. At last he may grab the material by Dolly Parton, Hank Williams, Patti Page and others. But, it’s not about country versions of these songs. Together with his jazz cronies Scofield has instead chosen to do jazz versions of classic country songs.

John Scofield – guitar

Sullivan Fortner – organ, piano

Vincente Archer – base

Bill Stewart – drums

Buy ticket for the gig with John Scofield here: Köp biljett till spelningen med John Scofield här


Jeff Parker Group 5/4

Last on the album The New Breed (2016) Jeff Parker showed up a palette of musical expression: sampled beats, analog and digital synth sounds and a guitar game that matured during the 35 years he has played his instrument. Sure disc echoed here and there by the noises that we recognize from the three iconic band that counts Parker as a member: Tortoise, Isotope 217˚ and Chicago Underground.

His guitar can not be mistaken. Both in the improvisations and more composed pieces is his playing recognized. Parker remains firmly in jazz and rock tradition, but do all the time excursions into unexplored territory and come back with something previously unheard, and yet familiar. Even when he makes solo music is about conditions that fall somewhere between the low-key experimental indie rock, evocative electronica and eclectic jazz.

Dusted Magazine hailed his guitar playing with the wordsHis sound is unmistakable, spastic and unpredictable, yet at the same time precise and refined…history will certainly reflect that he is one of the more noteworthy guitarists of his generation.“.

Jeff Parker – guitar

Josh Johnson – saxophone, flute

Paul Bryan – base

Jamire Williams – drums

Lars Horntveth saxophone, guitar

Buy ticket for the gig with Jeff Parker Group here: Köp biljett till spelningen med Jeff Parker Group här


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