Man’s ideal, class and artistic freedom are addressed in Alexander Salzberger’s newly written play

By on March 9, 2019

After the autobiographical success of Kicktorsken, Alexander Salzberger is back with new material. Äkta känner äkta is premiered at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby on Saturday 16 March. Emerged from his own experiences from life in the resort raises the play themes such as class, male ideal, violence, authenticity and artistic freedom.

Äkta känner äkta is a play that has emerged from Alexander Salzberger’s own experiences from his youth in Vällingby, but unlike previous works (Kicktorsken 2012), it is not purely autobiographical. Together with the artistic team and director Olof Hanson, Salzberger wants to problematize the requirement for authenticity in the art sphere – when are demands for authenticity and who is privileged enough to be a free artist? Äkta känner äkta is the story of how Amir returns from Södermalm to Vällingby – from the fine rooms to the suburb. Amir wants to create a documentary film about his upbringing and life in the resort, but the project and the meeting with the old friends raises traumatic memories from adolescence to life, the perspective is turned around and suddenly Amir is forced into the camera instead.

– I have done a class trip and today I am an established actor, author and director. I have noticed a big difference between me and the directors or dramatists with a middle class background. The difference is very much about who can talk about what and why I want to problematize the requirement of authenticity that is imposed on those who are not white middle class men, says Alexander Salzberger.

The actor and author Alexander Salzberger grew up in Vällingby. Educated at the School of Theater in Stockholm, he has previously written the two acclaimed and celebrated monologues. The latter he also released in book form in 2017. Alexander Salzberger is in addition to his new play Äkta känner äkta (2019) current as actor in Linje Lusta at Dramaten. On television, he has been seen in the series Arne Dahl, 30 degrees in February and Finaste Familjen.

– When Alexander came and played Kicktorsken with us, it felt like the play found home and we wanted to find a continuation and in-depth study. Kicktorsken takes place in Vällingby and it also makes Äkta känner äkta. Youth crime is a big problem and complex in many ways. With Äkta känner äkta, we give a perspective on it and it is largely from an inside perspective, says Olof Hanson.

First performance Saturday 16 March 2019 at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern Vällingby (from 15 years)

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Vällingby