Major initiative in Swedish composers during Swedish Music spring 2018

By on December 23, 2017
Erik Simander

For the third year in a row the Swedish Music spring is arranged – festival for Swedish art music. It coincides with the 100th anniversary of the Swedish Composers Association, which will be noted in the program. This year’s festival includes about 40 concerts and seminars and runs between 15 and 23 March at various cultural scenes in Stockholm.

– There has happend something about the view of contemporary art music. It’s amazing what response we’ve received from musicians, concert organizers and others involved in music life. The enthusiasm, dedication, lust and curiosity of the music created today is really great, not least from the audience, says the initiator of the festival, saxophonist Jörgen Pettersson.

In just a few years, Swedish Music spring has been established as a unique annual manifestation for today’s music. It is run by musicians and composers who all want to share their work. As in previous years, the festival takes place in collaboration with several of the country’s largest concert institutions, organizations and music scenes. The opening ceremony takes place in the Berwald Hall, followed by concerts during the nine intense days of the Royal Opera House, Concert Hall Stockholm, Studio 2 in the Radio House, Fylkingen, Royal College of Music, Folk Opera, Musikaliska, Big Church and Jacob’s Church. Additional venues are added.

– In 2018, Association of Swedish composers celebrates 100 years. Swedish Music spring is a great meeting place for our composers, musicians and audiences. We will showcase both new and older Swedish music and showcase the breadth and richness of the artistic area, says Martin Jonsson Tibblin, chairman of Association of Swedish composer.

In order to make the music available to as many people as possible, this year will be free entrance to the vast majority of concerts and events. Swedish Music spring – the festival for Swedish Art Music – takes place in more than ten venues and scenes during 15-23 March 2018 in Stockholm. In conjunction with concerts, workshops and seminars are organized.

The initiator and chief of Swedish Music spring is Stockholm’s Saxophone Quartet / Studio 53. The Art Music Festival is being made in collaboration with Folkoperan, Fylkingen, Association of Swedish composers, Concert Hall Stockholm, Royal College of Music, Royal Opera, Musikaliska, Swedish Church and Sveriges Radio / Berwaldhallen. The main financier is Musikverket.

Helena Olofsson, Culture & Music | Stockholm