Magical summer evenings with Emil Jensen

By on June 26, 2019

The world’s best Emil finally back on Mosebacketerrassen!

At the end of last year, Emil Jensen made a total of ten acclaimed performances at Södra Teatern. And now he comes back for a unique summer evening on Mosebacke Terrace, the concert venue with Stockholm’s most beautiful views.

– There will be favorite songs from all my albums, favorite spoken word and poems from my books. Perhaps one or the other favorite guest from all the artist collaborations and love duets that I have done over the years may appear. And then of course there will be some completely newly written social satire as well. It becomes like a tie. Or a buffet. A fresh tie buffet simply, clarifies Emil Jensen.

Over the years, Emil has been praised for his word art and music, but also for the commitment that runs through his texts and artistry and does not leave anyone untouched. He has received the Fröding Prize, several environmental awards, was nominated for the Martin Luther King Prize for Civil Courage, and most recently he received the Evert Taube Prize for his songwriting.

He has done a whole summer tour per bike, as a personal and concrete manifestation for sustainable development. He is regularly heard in the Swedish Radio – as a choir in “Good morning, the world!” And recurring in “Thoughts for the day” and his Summer talk and Winter talk are among the most acclaimed ever. Emil’s live performances are just like summer talk on stage, where his song treasure is interspersed with personal interludes and social satirics, humor and seriousness, in a completely separate mix.

“Narrow stage art about fat problems” that Emil himself describes it as.

“Embracing humor mixed with earnest seriousness and where Jensen gets plenty of turning space for his talented word art”
– Göteborgs-Posten

“This excellent word artist is probably one of the nation’s most human people”
– Gaffa

Don´t miss Emil Jensen when he perform at Mosebacketerrassen on Monday 19 August 2019, the show will be performed in Swedish.

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